Fridays from Home

Seeking Mary Poppins

Who cares for your child?  Well, in our case, lots of people.  We have an intricate web of caregivers including grandparents, babysitters, teachers and ourselves.  Right now we find ourselves in the stressful position of finding someone new to watch our boys Tuesdays through Thursdays.  We should count ourselves lucky, however, since we have made it through almost 4 years with only 2 nannies.  Still, it is an emotional moment hearing that the person who lovingly watches your children will need to be replaced by a stranger.

These are the times when I question the decisions we have made.  But then I remind myself that, like all parents,  the answer is ALWAYS the same:  because it is what’s best for our family.  We choose to live in a town with good schools and an environment that will give our children the opportunities to do things in their lives that give them happiness.  We choose to give them wholesome foods that will help their bodies grow to be strong and healthy.  And we choose to work outside the home to provide them security, even though leaving them every day is more difficult than we could ever have imagined.

But there is a plus side to all of this.  My boys have had two wonderful women to spend their days with who have enriched their lives, and given them love, music and humor.  And as difficult as it can be to walk out the door in the morning, there is something incredibly gratifying about leaving for work knowing that your children are content and with a person that they love and enjoy.  And even more than that is seeing someone (that you are not related to) love and enjoy your children for the special people that they are.

So, as I sit here sifting through  my emails of references, resumes and background checks I am silently praying that we will get lucky and potentially find the last nanny we will ever need.  A girl can dream, right?

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