Fridays from Home

Say “Cheese!”

Irony.  I don’t think that you fully appreciate it until you become a parent.  Alanis Morissette definitely doesn’t get it (there is a difference between things that are ironic and things that just plain suck).  What IS ironic is waiting until your children are a couple of years old before deciding that you need a really good camera, painstakingly researching which one you should buy, and then spending $700 on said camera only to discover that your once adorable, photogenic children have now reached the age where they refuse to be photographed.  HA!  Joke’s on me!

Never is this more apparent than during holidays when you have dressed your entire family in coordinating outfits hoping to capture a cherished memory on film.  Instead, you end up with an album filled with what appears to be some kind of juvenile torture ritual.  Mostly they just refuse to look at the camera, but now my oldest enjoys making silly faces to ruin the few pictures that may have been salvageable.  To add to the irony, our youngest has developed a fondness for “photobombing” other families’ pictures.  Maybe he’s trying to get adopted, who knows?

Here are some of my recent attempts at a family portrait.  If you share this experience, I’d love to see some of yours.

Avoiding the camera at all costs

Trying to get away

Giving up entirely

This pretty much says it all

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