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The Smell of Spring

Ok, so I’ll admit it, sometimes I’m not so smart.  We moved into our house in June of last year and I’ll admit that I haven’t examined ALL of the plants in our yard very carefully.  But I have spent the past month or so drooling over all of the beautiful lilac bushes that seem to be everywhere in our town.  Some are almost as tall as trees and the mild spring has made them go crazy this year.  I’ve even been telling my husband what to look for in a lilac in the hopes that I will get one for Mother’s Day.

Then I actually looked in my backyard.

Suddenly in the last week, the nondescript hedge that lines the back of our garage has started to sprout purple flowers, and it also smells incredible.  Yup, that’s right.  I have no less than (probably) about 8 lilac bushes already in my yard.  The thing is, we moved in well after they were done blooming, so we trimmed the hedge all summer thinking it was nothing.  Now that I know what it is, I think I’ll let it go a little wild this year and I think I should have something pretty spectacular next year.  Who knew???

The lilac hedge

Cut lilacs making my house smell great

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6 thoughts on “The Smell of Spring

  1. I love purple lilacs, but don’t have any on our property now. There is a wild, out-of-control white lilac bush, but it’s just not the same.

    • I love white ones too. In general white is my preferred color of most flowers, but they are generally more difficult to grow. We have a lot of purple in our garden though. I’m waiting for the allium that I planted in the fall to bloom!

  2. What a wonderful surprise!

  3. You certainly got a nice surprise. I live in New Hampshire and most all of the homes in my town have beautiful lilacs growing somewhere on their property.

  4. Awesome surprise! I’m glad the pruning didn’t ruin the spring blooms altogether 🙂

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